Frequently Asked Questions

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Why won't the videos play?

If you're using a new version of Chrome, you will need to click the page first to make it start. Chrome has decided to block autoplaying videos to stop spam, which unfortunately also breaks our site.

If you believe another issue is causing this, contact Quad on Twitter or alternatively by mail ( and we can try to work out a solution.

Why do none of the buttons work?

You have disabled JavaScript. Don't do that.

I got this really weird video, what does that mean?

There are Easter Eggs hidden on the site. Congratulations, you found one!

Can I use my keyboard to interact with the site?

Yes. These are the current keybindings on the home page:

M Open/Close menu

N New video

S Toggle subtitles (if available)

/ Back/Forward 10 seconds

Space Pause/Play

F Toggle fullscreen

Page Up/Down or Scroll Wheel Volume